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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

It’s been over a year and this backpack has been an amazing. On rainy days I don’t bother in covering it up with my umbrella. It doesn’t show any loose strings, bad odors, or opened up holes. Honestly I’ve always been wanting to clean it with a dampen cloth but have been a bit lazy since I’ve bought it for my son. Well... maybe just one hole made last week with a pen he added in an inner pocket.

This backpack is fantastic, great for college students

I've been using this for the last three months on a trip to Florida and around my college campus. I highly recommend this backpack. Perfect for students and travelers. I look forward to using it for the next few years of college.


Bought this as a wintertime replacement for my wheeled carrier (when I got tired of dragging it through snow and slush). I have found that, despite my advancing age, it is an excellent carrier for all seasons! I am closer to centennial age than I am to being a Millennial, but why should the kids have all the cool stuff? I have taken this backpack overseas and to conferences and meetings and found it extremely practical; I have yet to go back to my wheeled carrier.


I like this tech bag a lot. Has many compartments. It is rain-proof, zippers are high quality, it has 2 security pouches. One under the straps for your laptop, and another pocket on the bottom of the bag where your lower back meets the backpack. I recommend putting valuables in there so when you have your backpack on thieves cant steal those from you unless they beat you up and take the whole bag. 😂😂😂😂!

Honest Review

Backpack is holding up very good. Ive used this backpack almost every day since I bought it in December of 2016. Ive washed it maybe around 5-10 times and has not effected the backpack in a noticeable or negative way. The padding is still holding up well. Zippers are still good. Ive carried maybe around 20lbs give or take in it on a daily basis there is slight slouch on the front pocket but not bad and happens on any backpack. I would recommend this bag even a year and a half later to anyone.

Great value! This will be a cherished component of your road trips.

I bought this backpack as an alternative to the laptop shoulder bag that I was using to carry my laptop and supplies at work events. I was finding that the shoulder bag made my neck quite tense when I had it loaded with anything remotely heavy. The anti-theft pocket for a laptop is great, although I often find myself using the internal tablet pocket to hold my 13" Macbook Pro. That internal pocket is nice and snug.

nice bag

The bag has one large main compartment with one big horizontal zippered pocket, 2 medium-sized vertical pockets, and one large one at the bottom for notebooks or a tablet. I use the secondary compartment for all the stuff. The material seems extremely durable and the padding on the straps is thick and cushioned. The weight feels evenly distributed which I think is due to the way the straps connect over the upper back. The part I think think I love the best is the back. the very small pocket in the back is where I put my metro card ticket and my credit card wallet. The pockets on the side are big enough to fit my eye glasses. Zippers and materials seem to be excellent quality. I highly recommend this backpack. Great quality at a great price!!

great laptop backpack!

This item works as described to a T. It is my desk in a backpack that includes space for snacks and/or a lunch meal with drinks. It will hold all items needed for your daily commute to work and secure items such as a laptop/tablet, office supplies like post it notes, pens, high lighters, any documents printed out, ID badges, binders, files, etc. All of that plus extra space for your lunch and a few snacks/drinks. It has water bottle holders on sides and small net pouches with zippers inside of compartment areas for charging cables, vitamins/medicine, and sanitary items. I feel the makers of this backpack thought of pretty much everything you might take with you to get you through your work day.

Super awesome for the price with just a couple intricacies

I love my bag...mostly. It's kinda cool having the pocket for the laptop behind the shoulder straps...but kind of a hassle when you're in a hurry because you have to flip the straps around to the front. I love all the pockets but they're a bit sticky. Can't complain though because they're heavy duty zippers. The pockets on the side are big enough to fit my eye glasses. The pocket on the side is great for throwing keys and such in that you need to access frequently. I have to warn, there's not really a place to put papers unless you count putting them in the laptop sleeve on the back. The pocket in the middle has a nice place for a tablet, which fits my 10" tablet just fine. It has a pocket for a cell phone and another for a battery pack (or whatever). My batter pack is huge so I'm sure it'll fit anything. Sometimes I bring food in Tupperware to work and it fits just fine the middle compartment. I'm giving it a 5-star because I know a lot of people who judge harshly and I don't want anyone thinking there's something wrong with this bag; it just has a few intricacies.

Great backpack

My daughter is in college and after her backpack that is nearly five years old finally gave out, I was on a hunt to surprise her with something more sturdy and dependable. After a few hours of comparing different models, I chose this one. The fact that it has the security feature for her to lock up her backpack and the added bonus is all the different storage compartments. This backpack comes loaded with them. The straps are pretty thick and comfortable to wear and the backpack itself feels lightweight before you even start loading it up with all your stuff. I can see this backpack lasting years like the recently retired one has done.