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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Very nice

I had to change buy previous backpack because I realized, a bit too late, that it was causing me neck and back pain. What I like the most about this bag is that it is roomy but small. I like that it's smaller because it forces me to be conscious of what I'm putting I the bag so it reduces the weight and strain I place on my back. it's has good organizational pockets both in the front and inner or middle part.

Super ergonomic and comfortable

I bought that backpack on a whim after the one I wanted did not ship to my country. I got a quality product that I enjoy carrying far more than my tactical backpack. This bag is well designed, ergonomic for my back, carries a lot of weight and I can carry everything I need on my day to day.


After years of purchasing and throwing away so many messengers, knapsacks, and backpacks ... finally this one came close to my all around satisfaction. Somehow, so many things I needed to carry actually fits in this bag and it still looks slim and feels light. Yes! Absolutely the best and it is a champion bag in my book.

It’s bigger on the inside!

The bag has one large main compartment with one big horizontal zippered pocket, 2 medium-sized vertical pockets, and one large one at the bottom for notebooks or a tablet. It has enough room for a few marble notebooks actually. This compartment looks pretty small but it expands to fit more of whatever you need to carry. Right now I have a large towel, face cloth, pair of pants, 3 pairs of socks, 3 t-shirts, and my north face raincoat rolled up in there, along with 3 books in the large pocket, toiletries in the zippered pocket, and some smaller stuff like a lighter, stash box, etc in the 2 smaller ones. It fits quite a bit.

Purchase Is In The Bag

I picked up this bag for my daughter who is going off to university this summer. She has the laptop she wants, and needed a stylish looking bag to tote around the laptop, some books, etc (all the gizmos that a modern student will need). This bag fits that bill. It is very well made from excellent materials, and is adjustable enough to fit almost any frame. The back pad is breathable, so hopefully that will help prevent sweaty-back syndrome. There a compartments aplenty, and the double layered zipper for the main compartment looks like it will be very, very sturdy.

Nice bag!

Very nice and sturdy bag. Bye bye Swiss bag . This is such a good buy . Amazing quality, best gift for cousin back home .

High quality bag

We have a 15.6 inch gaming laptop that my son carries everywhere he goes. It doesn't matter whether we are going to a waterpark or grandmother's house, he wants to have his gaming laptop with him so he can play his favorite video games wherever he goes.


I love that this backpack really wants to be slim. I've stuff it a few times for overnight trips, but it always snaps back to be super thin when done, which is the majority of the time for me. My previous bags seemed really baggy all the time. Not so with this bag.

Excellent Laptop Backpack

It's a perfect fit for my 15" MacBook Pro. I didn't understand what the Anti-Theft thing was when I bought it - it just means that the laptop inserts on the back side and is inaccessible when you are wearing the backpack. At first, I found it to be a nuisance to pull the shoulder straps back to get to the laptop, but I've grown to really love the design as it reduces the chance of the laptop falling out when not fully zipped up.

Four months in, love this backpack

I like the smooth, almost leathery, look of the material. I had to wash it after my lunch exploded in it. It went through the washer and dryer, and came out looking like new.